Data architecture governance for federated data solutions

Govern your federated data solutions with efficiency and standardization with the biGENIUS-X preconfigured data product patterns.

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biGENIUS-X as a data architecture governance platform

Data is the lifeblood of modern businesses, but managing and integrating data across multiple sources can be a daunting task. Federated data solutions offer a promising way to address these challenges and achieve better data integration, management, and accessibility.

biGENIUS-X can serve as a platform for governing federated data solutions. It empowers organizations to effectively manage and control their data architectures in distributed environments by leveraging preconfigured data product patterns.


Governance capabilities

biGENIUS-X features that can help maintain consistency, standardization, and alignment with business objectives across federated data solutions.

Preconfigured data product patterns

biGENIUS-X provides predefined data product patterns for development​, scoping​, maintenance, orchestration, and infrastructure to help ensure compliance with implementation standards within your federated data solutions.

Secure metadata management

biGENIUS-X captures and maintains metadata from diverse data sources independently from your data pipeline, empowering organizations to effectively govern metadata across distributed environments with much lower risk.

Enhanced data product management

biGENIUS-X enables you to organize your data products in a Solutions and Projects hierarchy, thereby simplifying data product management, improving interoperability, and providing a unified approach to data architecture governance.

Versioning for easy distribution

biGENIUS-X provides project versioning with Git, allowing you to distribute and apply modified pattern in your projects across disparate sources within a unified governance framework.

Hassle-free re-platforming

biGENIUS-X provides predefined architecture and implementation patterns and automatically generates artifacts of structural objects and data flows for easy deployment to your desired data platform.

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