Powerful features that help you drive time to market

Every feature that you might need for your analytical data solution, no matter the use case.


First public release features

The first public release of biGENIUS-X includes a robust set of features that can help your data team automate analytical data workflows with ease.

Data modeling

Streamline laborious data warehouse tasks: adding/editing term, relationships, data flow and other modeling elements has never been easier with biGENIUS-X's intuitive interface with the help of wizards.

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CI/CD pipeline

Generation and artifacts are stored in a separate Git repository as the basis for the CI/CD pipeline, ensuring that your data team can quickly and easily deploy changes and improvements to your analytical data solution. 


Load management with a powerful scheduling engine that makes it easy to manage load jobs and ensure that your data is processed in the correct order. 

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Versioning with Git

Instantly save your progress with biGENIUS-X and its project versioning with Git, allowing you to go back and view previous versions of your project.


With biGENIUS-X, you can quickly and easily visualize your data lineage and data flow to gain better overview of your analytical data solution in an instant.

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Multiple users can simultaneously work on the same can simultaneously work on master branches in biGENIUS-X projects and track changes made to the codebase. 


Leveraging benefits of the cloud

Advantages of using a cloud application to automate your analytical data solution with easy deployment, scalability, and cost-effectiveness

Always updated

biGENIUS-X keeps your data team current with the latest features, updates, and bug fixes without interrupting your workflow. Access and collaborate on your data anywhere, anytime, on any device or platform.

Collaboration and efficiency

With biGENIUS-X, you have the flexibility to use tools that your team is already familiar with, simplifying collaboration. With an intuitive user interface, your team can focus on important projects instead of tedious tasks.

Security and accessibility

With biGENIUS-X, your metadata is processed separately from your data pipeline without interfering your analytical data solution, providing more control over your live environment, thus minimizing  risks of error.


Use cases

biGENIUS-X is the perfect solution for data-driven organizations that need to stay agile and efficient.  It can be used for a wide range of industries and use cases.

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Modern development processes

biGENIUS-X equips your team with all necessary tools to deal with complex data challenges to better analyze data.

Future-proof your data
Future-proof your data

With a high-level of automation, you can rest assured to be able to adapt to ever-changing technologies.

New data solutions
Build modern analytical data solutions

Modernization that scales and adapts to your business needs, no matter the size of your organization.

Decentralized approach
Implement decentralized approaches

Smart data automation allows your team to build data products more efficiently while implementing a data mesh.

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