Future-proof your data and investment

biGENIUS-X future-proofs your data and investment with a balance of efficiency and flexibility, ensuring your business thrives as technologies evolve.

Advanced data automation with biGENIUS-X.
Efficiency in biGENIUS-X

Efficiency without compromising flexibility

The data landscape is advancing in an unprecedented pace. While businesses are often forced to choose between efficiency and flexibility, biGENIUS-X is designed to provide the perfect balance between these two aspects.

With biGENIUS-X's metadata-driven approach, data teams can achieve their goals without being tied down to specific technologies from the start, allowing you to adapt to different technologies with a much lower hurdle than any other data transformation solution on the market.

Scalability without exponential costs

Businesses today face the inevitable growth in the volume and complexity of data, and automated data transformation plays a key role in alleviating the pressure on data teams to keep up with the demands of a growing business.

The organization and integration of data for analysis can be a tedious and time-consuming process, creating bottlenecks that hinder critical business decisions. biGENIUS-X addresses these challenges by significantly reducing manual processes and enabling data teams to focus on higher-value activities that not only accelerate data development cycles, but also simplify the on-going management of robust analytical data solutions.

Keep costs low with biGENIUS-X

Future-proof your data with biGENIUS-X today.

Accelerate and automate your analytical data workflow with comprehensive features that biGENIUS-X offers.


Automated data transformation that drives time to value

biGENIUS-X helps organizations adhere to data standards, reduce risk, and maximize the value of their data.

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Deliver data solutions faster

  • Business logic can be turned into models in record time with the help of biGENIUS-X modeling wizards and quick access to data lineage visualizations
  • Code artifacts are safeguarded by best-practice templates and optimized for your desired target technologies
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Reduced costs

  • biGENIUS-X modeling wizards help your team overcome bottlenecks, allowing you to develop readied MVPs faster than ever
  • Parallel development with Git enables your team to be more agile and make continuous improvements to your analytical data solutions
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Better governance  

  • biGENIUS-X leverages data design patterns and platform-specific best practices to deliver consistent, high-quality code
  • With auto-generated documentation, biGENIUS-X allows you to avoid pitfalls such as inaccurate forecasts and data integrity issues
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Scalability and adaptability

  • biGENIUS-X's generated code is regularly updated to reflect the improvements made in your chosen target technology
  • biGENIUS-X supports the migration from one technology to another when the need arises, ensuring that you can adapt to evolving requirements without sacrificing productivity
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