biGENIUS Desktop Application

First released in 2011, the biGENIUS desktop application has paved the path of smart data automation in applied intelligence solutions. biGENIUS-X combines tested and proven features from its predecessor with new, innovative functionalities to help future-proof your data.

Our Story

A successful product made possible with patience and resilience

Built by industry experts with experience preceding the beginning of biGENIUS, our product continues to be improved upon by the biGENIUS team's passion for big data and the endeavor to help organizations have more effective analytical data teams.

Transitioning to cloud app: biGENIUS-X
biGENIUS-X started in development
Desktop app version 7 was released
biGENIUS Desktop App was first released​ by Trivadis AG

Supporting trusted technologies

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Differences between biGENIUS Desktop App and biGENIUS-X

Advantages of migrating your current solution to biGENIUS-X

Always up-to-date

biGENIUS-X keeps your data team current with the latest features, updates, and bug fixes without interrupting your workflow.

Collaboration made easy

With biGENIUS-X, your development team is able to simultaneously work on the same repositories and track changes.

Combine familiar tools

With biGENIUS-X, your development team is able to use tools that they are already familiar with, such as Git repository.

How it works

Migrating from biGENIUS Desktop App to biGENIUS-X

It is possible to migrate your existing metadata structure from the biGENIUS desktop application to the cloud-based biGENIUS-X, contact support to find out more.

Data engineering - puzzle pieces with gear.

Although biGENIUS-X is a newly designed application with a new file-based metadata management system, existing customers of the biGENIUS Desktop Application - with the current version of biGENIUS-7 or earlier - have the possibility to migrate existing metadata structures to the biGENIUS-X file-based form. 

For this purpose, biGENIUS offers migration services to make it as easy as possible for existing biGENIUS customers to migrate to the new biGENIUS-X solution.

Trusted by organizations worldwide

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Future-proof your data with biGENIUS-X today.

Accelerate and automate your analytical data workflow with comprehensive features that biGENIUS-X offers.