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What our customers are saying

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“Thanks to biGENIUS, we were able to lay the foundation for combining data from different sources into one report or dashboard.”

Evi Verschueren
Business Intelligence Team Lead, Smurfit Kappa

“The efficient DWH generator enabled us to achieve the required transparency with regard to marketplace performance within a very short time, in high quality and in compliance with BI best practices.”

Andreas von Ballmoos
Business Intelligence Lead, Scout24

“The biGENIUS team is knowledgeable about the inner workings of the application - stuff that you can't work out yourself as a customer.”

Tobias Rist
Data & Analytics Architect, Swica

“For us, it's really a central tool that should do a lot in helping people have a standardized approach for the whole firm.”

Sébastien Brennion
Business Intelligence & Analytics Engineer, Valiant Bank

“Since we have been using biGENIUS, we manage the development 100% internally. We did not only save a lot of money but, having built everything ourselves, we gained in efficiency as we are able to adapt any user requests right away.”

Marc Buthey
IT & Project Manager, Tirus International SA
Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I access the biGENIUS-X Knowledge Base?

Articles about the application in the biGENIUS-X Knowledge Base are accessible for all, offering guidance to help you understand the application more efficiently.

As a customer or a partner, you would be able to gain access to all articles by sending an email to our Customer Success team.

How do I access the support portal?

You can submit your support tickets in the biGENIUS-X Customer Portal, which you can register to access by sending an email to our Customer Success team.

As a customer or a partner, you would also be able to gain access to all biGENIUS-X Knowledge Base articles.

What does technical support entail?

Technical support that is included in your subscription fee covers bug fixes and any other technical issues, while not including professional training that is not related to any malfunction in the biGENIUS-X application.

For additional professional services, please contact our Customer Success team. Current users are advised to contact us via the Customer Portal for prompt response.

What is the best way to get technical support?

As a biGENIUS user, we recommend you to sign up to gain access to our community and help center, where you can submit tickets for prompt assistance.

You can register gain access to the biGENIUS Community and Help Center by sending an email to our support team.

What is the difference between demo and JumpStart?

Once you fill in the demo form, a biGENIUS expert will schedule a meeting with you to walk you through the product according to the information you provide. That is why it is advised to fill in as many details as you can so we can prepare the most relevant information for your demo.

A JumpStart is a paid workshop session led by a biGENIUS expert where you are given a subscription for a limited time and can use the product for the duration of the workshop. It requires detailed information about your use case and expectation for the session to be effective. You can request a JumpStart.