Streamline data engineering with precision and agility

Transform your data engineering process with biGENIUS-X and automate your analytical data life cycle, no matter your approach.

Streamline data engineering with biGENIUS-X.

High-productivity workbench for data engineers

biGENIUS-X features that can help streamline your analytical data workflows, enhance productivity, and accomplish more in a reduced timeframe.

Simplifying data ingestion and discovery

The biGENIUS-X discovery app can be used to scan your on-site source systems, extracting structural information to create a standardized file for import. This imported structure serves as the foundation for data-driven modeling within biGENIUS-X.

Data mapping and transformation

biGENIUS-X manages generated code and integrating term-mapping expressions with data flows. It saves term references instead of names, allowing the UI and generators to display actual values while eliminating maintenance when term names change.

Data modeling made simple

biGENIUS-X offers accessible data modeling tools that streamline definitions and promote cross-functional collaboration, enabling organizations to harness collective intelligence, fostering innovation and efficiently transforming data requirements into actionable models.

Visualization for informed decisions

biGENIUS-X's data lineage feature provides instant and comprehensive insights into model object relationships and data flow with just a few simple clicks. This enables users to identify dependencies, locate bottlenecks, and ensure data integrity.

Artifacts generation for deployment

biGENIUS-X leverages automation for accurate, consistent deployment artifacts, accelerating project timelines and ensuring smooth development-to-production transitions. It enables control over deployment environments and tool selection.

Foster seamless collaboration

biGENIUS-X promotes successful data engineering through collaboration, enabling team members to concurrently work on master branches while maintaining a record of changes, reducing bottlenecks and fosters a cooperative environment for idea exchange.


Key benefits of advanced data automation

Features that help organizations adhere to data standards, reduce risk and maximize the value of your data.

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Faster time to value

Speeds up your data integration process so that you get the most value out of your analytical data management solutions much sooner.

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Better governance

Help ensure that your data remains reliable and up-to-date throughout its lifecycle and avoid pitfalls such as inaccurate forecasts and data integrity issues.

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Increased scalability

Lets you scale your analytical data management solution to any size as your business grows.

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Reduced costs

Automation helps you to reduce the cost of human resources and processes, making your data work flow more efficient.

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