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biGENIUS-X: Use Case Demo (June 2023)

Let's see biGENIUS-X in action in this step-by-step guide with an example use case.

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    Posted on:
    June 23, 2023

    This demo has been updated in October, 2023. You can find the latest version in this blog post.

    Example use case

    Scenario: The company operates a small retail chain with physical stores and offers the convenience of home delivery services, providing customers with multiple options to access their products.

    Set up and next steps: The company has integrated their existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system into their data warehouse for home deliveries, and now they are focusing on extending the data warehouse to include the point of sales (POS) system from their physical stores, ensuring comprehensive data integration across their operations.

    You can watch the full use case demo.

    Step-by-step guide

    1. Solution overview and management of branches in the Git repository

    biGENIUS-X utilizes a solution-based approach to manage their projects, using containers called solutions to organize different projects, providing a structured framework for efficient management and permissions allocation. biGENIUS-X does not store any data, only the URL of the Git repository, all you need to do is connect your biGENIUS-X projects to your Git repository, ensuring data security and centralized version control for the project.

    With a feature branching workflow, you can create branches for specific features or changes, allowing your data team to work on their branches without affecting the production environment, ensuring safer code development and smoother integration into the main branch.

    2. Uploading and integration of source system data using discovery tools

    You can use the Discovery page to analyze source system data, as well as to identify and integrate various data sources into biGENIUS-X, providing a comprehensive overview of the data flow within the system.

    3. Detail view

    4. Data modeling set up and data lineage visualization

    The Modeling area serves as a workbench for data engineers, allowing you to create and manage views that organize and manipulate data objects, providing a clear distinction between domain-specific elements and facilitating better project organization.

    5.Creation of stage model objects based on source model objects

    6. Configuration of layers, creation of link satellites, and biGENIUS-X Wizards

    Using automation steps and wizards, biGENIUS-X enables you to create model objects, such as stage objects and link satellites, based on existing source model objects, streamlining the development process and reducing manual effort.

    7. Relationship establishment between link satellites and existing links

    The Relationship page allows you to establish relationships between different model objects, facilitating data flow and connectivity between entities, ensuring data integrity and enabling comprehensive data analysis.

    8. Mapping of foreign keys and expressions in the data flow

    biGENIUS-X provides default columns and naming conventions for traceability, including load date and source system information, ensuring consistency and facilitating understanding across the project.

    9. Extension of the data mart composite object

    Data flow sets provide an additional mechanism to include or exclude data within the data flow, allowing you to define sets based on operators like Union, enabling flexible data manipulation and enhancing the functionality of the data warehouse.

    10. Generation of scripts for deployment to a test environment

    Following a Data Vault approach, you can use the modeling area to create a data mart, referred to as the Gold Layer, where you can generate artifacts and deploy them to the production environment, ensuring a structured and scalable data architecture.

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