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Data vault generator for Snowflake

Leveraging the power of the biGENIUS-X and its latest data vault generator for Snowflake, users can efficiently create and manage data vault models for Snowflake.

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    Posted on:
    February 26, 2024

    Why Snowflake?

    Snowflake is not only a massive parallel processing (MPP) database, but a data platform that provides additional features such as supporting the sharing of data within an organization without data duplication.

    While the static partitioning of large tables in traditional data warehouses optimizes performance and enables better scaling, it has several known drawbacks. To mitigate these downsides, the Snowflake Data Platform uses micro-partitioning, which reduces maintenance overhead and data skew.

    Data vault modeling with biGENIUS-X

    With biGENIUS-X, you can streamline the process of creating and managing data vault structures for deploying to Snowflake and other technologies such as Microsoft SQL Server and Apache Spark, making it easier for organizations to adopt this modern approach to data warehousing.  

    By automating key tasks including the generation of data vault structures, ensuring consistency, and significantly reducing the time required for development with a comprehensive set of features, biGENIUS-X enables its users to focus on deriving insights from their data, rather than spending time on manual and repetitive tasks.

    biGENIUS-X consists of several components that work together to create and manage data vault structures for Snowflake. These components include:

    Data modeling views

    biGENIUS-X provides a graphical interface that simplifies the process of modifying data vault models, and advanced automation is made possible with biGENIUS-X modeling wizards, making it easy to define Hubs, Links, and Satellites, and their relationships.

    Semantic modeling

    biGENIUS-X allows users to define the meaning and relationships of their data elements within the data vault model. This semantic layer helps bridge the gap between the technical data model and the business understanding of the data, making it easier for users to navigate and analyze the data stored in the data vault.

    Artifact/code generation

    The biGENIUS-X generator interprets the semantic information of the user's data models and automates the creation of scripts for creating deployable data vault structures in Snowflake. This includes scripts for creating tables, views, and stored procedures, as well as scripts for loading and transforming data.


    biGENIUS-X users can manage their orchestration in Snowflake natively with Tasks, or utilize other load control tools such as Apache Airflow to deploy the generated artifacts, depending on the requirements of their organization.

    Git integration

    biGENIUS-X users store the metadata of their data vault models, as well as all user actions, including versioning in their own dedicated Git Repository.

    The code generated by biGENIUS-X can be easily managed within the widely-used version control system - Git. This integration ensures that changes made to the data vault model are tracked effectively throughout its lifecycle. This distinct separation of biGENIUS-X and user data helps ensure that our users' data is always secure within their environment.

    Snowflake with Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS)

    With the advanced automation features that biGENIUS-X offers, users can efficiently create and manage data vault models for Snowflake to deploy on Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS). By harnessing the robust infrastructure and security features of Azure and AWS, organizations can build high-performance and secure data warehouses that scale seamlessly with their growing data needs.

    Future-proof your data with biGENIUS-X today.

    Accelerate and automate your analytical data workflow with comprehensive features that biGENIUS-X offers.