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Data vault generator for Apache Spark

biGENIUS-X data vault generator for Apache Spark is now available.

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    Posted on:
    October 19, 2023

    Apache Spark: an overview

    Apache Spark is an open-source, distributed computing system that provides a fast and general-purpose cluster-computing framework for big data processing. Its goal is to simplify and accelerate the processing of massive datasets.

    Key features

    Scalability: Spark’s distributed computing capabilities allow it to scale horizontally, when employed with biGENIUS-X’s advanced automation features, your team can process vast datasets rapidly.

    Performance: The in-memory processing nature of Spark results in faster data processing and analysis compared to traditional disk-based systems. Along with biGENIUS-X’s optimization techniques, allows you to gain valuable insights more quickly.

    Flexibility: Spark supports various data formats and can be easily integrated into existing ecosystems, making it an ideal choice for diverse environments. In combination with the high adaptability and productivity that biGENIUS-X allows for, ensures the seamless incorporation into your organization’s existing processes.

    Fault Tolerance: The resilient nature of Spark safeguards your data from failures and significant delays in processing, while complementing biGENIUS-X’s metadata-driven approach, providing high availability and reliability for your data workflows.

    Apache Spark for data mesh

    Apache Spark is a perfect platform for the data mesh architecture, as it empowers organizations to swiftly create, process, and transform massive datasets into valuable data products. It can easily scale up to accommodate organizations of any size due to its distributed computing capabilities. Its fault tolerance and advanced analytics features make it the go-to choice for data mesh applications. By harnessing Apache Spark's robust tools and libraries, organizations can rapidly develop and deploy data products that drive innovation and growth.

    biGENIUS-X Apache Spark generator

    With the advanced data automation capabilities that biGENIUS-X offers, users can now harness the full potential of Apache Spark to create powerful, data-driven applications with ease and efficiency.

    Design your data vault model in biGENIUS-X

    biGENIUS-X provides a user-friendly interface that simplifies your workflow and enhances teamwork. With its multi-step wizards, you can rapidly create a data vault model, taking advantage of advanced automation options.

    Generate code artifacts out of your model

    Transform your data vault model into PySpark/Spark SQL with just a few clicks, bridging the gap between design and implementation.

    Effortless Deployment

    Deploy your generated code artifacts to top platforms such as Databricks, Azure Synapse, or Microsoft Fabric, ensuring smooth integration with your existing infrastructure.

    With biGENIUS-X, you can:

    • Discover source data
    • Model data structures
    • Generate code artifacts (PySpark and Spark SQL), automation and support scripts, as well as documentation
    • Deploy tables, stored procedures and views to your target platform, using the generated code artifacts
    • Deploy generated scripts, containing load steps and dependencies, to the target scheduling platform

    Use case demo

    To see biGENIUS-X in action, you can watch the latest biGENIUS-X use case demo video:

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