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biGENIUS User Day 2022

A recap of the biGENIUS User Day that took place on June 2, 2022.

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    June 15, 2022

    On June 2nd, 2022 our biGENIUS User Day took place in Vienna. Like the last times it was an online event again. One year after the spin-off of biGENIUS AG we were able to present our current organizational structure as a professional software company and the latest features of the existing biGENIUS application and also present a preview of the new biGENIUS as a service.

    Prepared for the online conference with a professional setup, we introduced the faces and responsibilities in our new organization. We have defined touchpoints for interaction with our community so that communication can be efficient and, above all, scalable.

    One of the most discussed features in the community is branching and merging.
    In the soon to be available version of biGENIUS there are very exciting extensions to the already existing versioning in biGENIUS. With this new feature, we support the requirements of modern data analytics development processes and help our users to be agile.

    The community has been eagerly awaiting the preview of the new biGENIUS as a Service. Both the basic architecture (with Git integration) and the user interface have been completely redesigned. Thanks to Oliver, our UX design professional, we have made great strides in the usability of data pipeline design.

    Did you participate?

    Or were you unable to attend and would now like to view the recordings of the international biGENIUS User Day in June 2022? As a registered user of our support portal, you can access the recordings of the international biGENIUS User Day June 2022.


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