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TDWI Munich 2023

We will be showcasing biGENIUS-X at booth 54 at the TDWI Munich this year, visit us between June 20-22 and find out more.

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    Posted on:
    June 19, 2023

    Where to find us

    We have recently released our new cloud-based application biGENIUS-X on June 1. biGENIUS-X is a high-productivity workbench that is designed to cater to the needs of data engineers in the evolving data landscape. If you're attending the TDWI this year, come visit us at booth 54 to find out more and try the application out at one of our demo stations.

    Event: TDWI Munich

    Date: June 20 (Tue) - 22 (Thu), 2023

    Booth: 54

    Presentation: Data mesh patterns make life easier

    While Data mesh can be an effective organizational approach to build and manage modern data management solutions, it can also be difficult to implement practically without using implementation patterns. Experience has shown that the democratization of data also results in losses in the technical governance of such solutions. In this presentation, biGENIUS CEO - Gregor Zeiler, and biGENIUS generator product owner - Daniel Zimmermann will show how implementation patterns can be used to keep your data mesh under control without limiting the flexibility of the individual data products.

    Event: TDWI Munich

    Date: June 21 (Wed), 2023

    Location: Data Mesh Track

    What to expect

    1. A brief overview of what data mesh is.
    2. Introduction to the data landscape necessary for working with data products in a data mesh.
    3. Challenges that arise in an evolving data mesh.
    4. Implementation patterns that facilitate the technical governance of data mesh solutions.
    5. Practical tips from concrete projects that are helpful in setting up data mesh solutions.

    TDWI Munch 2023: Data Mesh patterns make life easier

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