C3-X-MS-DIM (Beginner)

Learn about dimensional modeling using the biGENIUS-X Microsoft SQL Server generator in this hands-on practice module, and earn your Engineer certificate.

C3-X-MS-DIM Microsoft SQL Server (dimensional modeling)

750 CHF / 750 EUR / 855 USD


3 days

Target group

  • Data solutions developers
  • Data solutions project managers
  • Consultants

Course content

Practical exercises with step-by-step instructions for the biGENIUS-X Microsoft SQL Server Dimensional Generator:

  1. Setup
  2. Setup Solution and Project
  3. Add Source System and Discover
  4. Define Entities
  5. Define Facts
  6. Add new Entities
  7. Add a new Fact from a Core Composite
  8. Add historization
  9. Add the Date Entities
  10. Cleansing actions
  11. Configuration options

To obtain the biGENIUS-X Engineer certification, you need to pass an online exam with 47 questions.


Knowledge prerequisites

  • Completion of module: C1-X – Introduction to biGENIUS-X
  • Completion of module C2-X – biGENIUS-X application features
  • Basics of SQL Server
  • Basic knowledge of dimensional modeling. Here are some links that will help you better understand dimensional modeling:
  • Dimensional modeling tutorial video
  • Dimensional modeling wiki

Technical prerequisites

  • Please prepare your training environment as instructed in this biGENIUS-X Knowledge Base article: Target environment for Microsoft SQL Server‍
  • We suggest using a Docker image instead of installing a local SQL server.
  • If you use a local installation, you must know how to use and configure SQL Server before starting this training.
  • No additional support from biGENIUS will be provided regarding your SQL Server installation and configuration.

How to enroll

1. Once you have registered for a module, we will add you to our e-Learning platform with your business contact details.

2. You will then receive an email. If you don't yet have an account, it is then necessary for you to create your own user and register yourself in the biGENIUS Learning Manager.