C2-X (Beginner)

Learn how to use all the biGENIUS-X features in a series of videos. This course is mandatory for you to proceed and obtain the biGENIUS-X Engineer certification.

C2-X Application Features

CHF 250 / EUR 250 / USD 285


3 hours

Target group

  • Data solutions developers
  • Data solutions project managers
  • Consultants

Course content

Demonstration videos of all biGENIUS-X features in this module include:

  1. Connection
  2. Administration
  3. Global features
  4. Solutions
  5. Projects
  6. Branches
  7. Source systems
  8. Dataflow modeling - overview
  9. Dataflow modeling - terms
  10. Dataflow modeling - term mapping
  11. Dataflow modeling - relationships
  12. Relationship modeling
  13. Generate artifacts
  14. Project settings


Knowledge prerequisites

  • Basic SQL skills
  • Basic knowledge of BI and data solutions

How to enroll

1. Once you have registered for a module, we will add you to our e-Learning platform with your business contact details.

2. You will then receive an email. If you don't yet have an account, it is then necessary for you to create your own user and register yourself in the biGENIUS Learning Manager.