Decentralized Data Management

A decentralized data management approach involves distributing data across multiple systems and locations. This approach allows for greater flexibility and agility, as well as improved data ownership and governance.

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Benefits of decentralized data management

The decentralized data management approach has become increasingly popular in recent years, though it comes with its own challenges.

Improved security with reduced risk of data loss

By distributing data across multiple nodes, it reduces the risk of data loss by ensuring that data is stored redundantly across multiple nodes. It also means that if one node fails or is compromised, the data can still be accessed and recovered from other nodes in the network.

Improved scalability and flexibility

By allowing additional nodes to be added to the network when needed, this approach makes it easier to handle large amounts of data and traffic. This can be especially important for organizations that need to process large amounts of data quickly.

Increase transparency and accountability

Because all nodes in the network have access to the same information, this transparency and accountability can help prevent errors and inconsistencies that can arise when different parties work with different versions of the same data across an organization.


Overcoming challenges of a decentralized data management approach

With more data engineers involved in decentralized data solutions, productivity becomes more important, enablement and capabilities become a challenge, and data architecture requires more governance, especially with increasing  volume and complexity of data.

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Data engineer productivity

  • Offers comprehensive support for all your data engineering development processes.
  • Can be easily integrated into any standard software development processes.
  • Minimizes manual efforts of data modeling.
  • Fully automates coding of your target solution.
  • Automates documentation of your data solution based on metadata.
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Data engineer enablement

  • With preconfigured data architecture and modeling patterns, as well as implementation standards.
  • Is optimized for your target technology capabilities.
  • Handles your technical implementation from start to finish.
  • With intuitive user interface.
  • Allows you and your data team to focus on business requirements.
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Data architecture governance

  • With predefined architecture patterns ensuring compliance with implementation standards.
  • Manages data products in a solutions and projects hierachy simplifying organization of decentralized solutions.
  • Can easily distribute and apply modified patterns through versioning.
  • With a metadata driven approach allowing for hassle-free replatforming.

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