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We proudly present: Urban Lankes

Interview with biGENIUS chairman - Urban Lankes.

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    February 12, 2022

    Urban, last year you sold your great life’s work – the consulting company Trivadis – to Accenture. How does that feel after a 27-year success story?

    Urban: It was definitely not an easy decision to part with Trivadis, we have expanded the company from 3 to 750 employees and established it in the data & AI market. But 27 years is also a very long time, which I am very proud of. I am very proud of this time and would not want to miss it with all its ups and downs.

    You’re obviously not the type to rest on your laurels. What made you decide to found biGENIUS AG immediately afterwards?

    Urban: At Trivadis we have invested a lot of time and energy in tools to be more efficient and better than the competition. We were particularly successful in doing this with biGENIUS at Data Automation. That’s why we’ve always thought about splitting off this area. With the sale of Trivadis to Accenture last year, a good opportunity arose to set up this spin-off. We are now striving for the same success story that we achieved with Trivadis with the new software company biGENIUS AG.

    So it’s a whole new metier for you! What drives you to start a software company now?

    Urban: I am convinced that with biGENIUS we are technology leaders with a high potential for success in the global market. The amount of data used by companies today continues to increase exponentially and every company must manage its data streams more efficiently – otherwise it will lose decisive competitive advantages. This is exactly where biGENIUS helps. So that we can continue to expand successfully in the future, we are currently developing biGENIUS as a SaaS solution based on latest cloud technology. For a product like biGENIUS, this offers extremely exciting opportunities on the global market. I am convinced of both the product and the employees of biGENIUS AG and I am looking forward to this exciting journey.

    The data automation solution biGENIUS has been growing successfully at Trivadis for over 10 years and is already an established product on the market. Where is the journey going in the next few years?

    Urban: We are in a transition from classic IT systems to cloud infrastructures and, in my opinion, are only at the very beginning. This will require massive investments in IT over the next few years. But also with significantly better opportunities and added value for the company than we know today. The amount of data to be processed will continue to increase massively, as will the lack of skilled workers. These two aspects mean that without automation, there is a high probability that you will be left behind by your competition. With biGENIUS, we have already established a leading solution in this important area of data automation. In any case, it is a very exciting time 😊

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