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We proudly present: Oliver Haidutschek

Introducing our new product development lead - Oliver Haidutschek.

Posted on:
February 7, 2022

We are glad that we managed to get Oliver on board for the Lead Product Development position at biGENIUS AG. Find out more about Oliver in this interview.

Oliver, you have been on board at biGENIUS AG as Lead Product Development since the beginning of 2022. What are your first impressions of the product and the biGENIUS team?

Oliver: When I was first introduced to the application I was impressed by the efficiency and effectiveness of the product in comparison to the classic approach of restructuring huge amounts of data. There is a lot of hidden potential under the surface that has been well identified by the core team. But what was most inspiring was the undeniable dedication and creativity of the team.

What did you do before your new position at biGENIUS?

Oliver: I started as a graphic designer back in 1999 and then founded my own startup in 2003. Later I was involved in setting up the online flagship store for GUCCI. I also designed some mobile applications and touchscreen interfaces for them, which really made me focus on UI/UX design.

I lived in China for 4 years where I had the opportunity to work on some innovative projects using smartwatches and VR. After moving back to Vienna, I focused on working on SaaS products. Because I’m drawn to complex and challenging projects, I knew I would be a perfect fit at biGENIUS.

So you are an artist! What drives you to put the pixels in biGENIUS in the right light? What is your true passion?

Oliver: I learned early on about the paradox of choice, which says that too many options can limit creativity and suffer quality. I like to work in a minimalist approach and in restrictive environments where I can focus better and catch the bigger fish as David Lynch would say.

I experience a lot of creativity in tech and UI/UX design. It’s not always about discovering something “brand new”, but rather about understanding users and learning from other tech companies who have found ways for people to interact with their software. The rest is just solving a puzzle.

Do you already have an idea of what you want to achieve after the first hundred days?

Oliver: We will first focus on the core functionalities of the product while I plan a roadmap, with the right level of innovation to bring the hidden potential of the application to the ground and to the cloud.

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