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biGENIUS Spin-Off

Announcing the establishment of biGENIUS AG.

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    Posted on:
    August 8, 2021


    For the last ten years, biGENIUS was part of Trivadis. During this time, the software product and the customer base have been developed very successfully.

    With the acquisition of Trivadis by Accenture, the biGENIUS division was also carved out into an independent product company, biGENIUS AG.


    Our newly founded biGENIUS AG has taken over all rights and obligations of the existing contractual relationship regarding biGENIUS licences, subscriptions and support and maintenance contracts from Trivadis (Trivadis AG, Trivadis Germany GmbH, Trivadis Austria GmbH). biGENIUS AG is thus the contractual partner for all existing and future customers and partners.

    Also the previous biGENIUS team has moved to the new biGENIUS AG and will focus on sales, development, maintenance and support of the biGENIUS product portfolio.

    The new biGENIUS AG is now aiming for further international growth of the software business and is developing the application in large steps forward to ensure the scalability of the business.

    Implementation services around the biGENIUS product portfolio will continue to be provided in the proven form by Trivadis / Accenture and all other biGENIUS partner companies. We will also continue to expand the international partner network in the future.

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