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biGENIUS Hack – How to provide a specific value for the Singleton?

Is there a possibility within biGENIUS so as not to be obliged to run manually a script after deployment?

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    Posted on:
    August 24, 2022

    User design their own solution and need to provide a specific value for the Singleton.
    Because it was not to find how to do so in biGENIUS, user need to run manually such a script after each deployment.
    Is there a possibility within biGENIUS so as not to be obliged to run manually a script after deployment?

    Beginner hack

    biGENIUS provides default values for singleton
    These are configured in the table RC.SingletonValue

    Easiest way to modify the values is to create a script for updating these values

    Disadvantage: you should execute this script each time you need to deploy again the script 080_Configure.sql

    Expert hack

    Export the templates
    Exported template GS > TemplateExtensionSql.sql: replace the default values by the needed values between lines 878 and 996

    public string GetSingletonValueBK()
    return "N' -9'";
    public string GetSingletonValueString()
    return "N'Unknown'";

    This way is not fully recommended because each factory template update add complexity in case of future biGENIUS version migration.

    There is now an easier way to change the default singletons value. All templates in the GS / General Settings section can simply be duplicated and linked. Even if they are used in includes in other templates, these includes call the name of the Dwh Part and not anymore the name of the template. So it’s better to duplicate the template rather than using a template export/import which will overwrite the factory template and cause potential complications during a generator version migration. The documentation article on Zendesk is already updated in this sense.

    More details can be found in our Product documentationConfigure other singleton values (MS 5.7 – 7.0)on biGENIUS Community and Help Center.

    Watch the Live Demo now:


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