biGENIUS-X: state-of-the-art application soon available in the cloud

biGENIUS-X is a new cloud-based data automation software designed for the modern data landscape. Combining tested and proven features from the biGENIUS desktop application with new functionalities to take your data team’s efficiency to the next level.


Leveraging benefits of the cloud

Advantages of using a cloud application to automate your analytical data solution with easy deployment, scalability, and cost-effectiveness

Always updated

biGENIUS-X keeps your data team current with the latest features, updates, and bug fixes without interrupting your workflow. Access and collaborate on your data anywhere, anytime, on any device or platform.

Collaboration and efficiency

With biGENIUS-X, you have the flexibility to use tools that your team is already familiar with, simplifying collaboration. With an intuitive user interface, your team can focus on important projects instead of tedious tasks.

Security and accessibility

biGENIUS-X processes your metadata separately from your data pipeline without interfering your analytical data solution, providing more control over your live environment, thus minimizing risks of error.


Use cases

biGENIUS-X is the perfect solution for data-driven organizations that need to stay agile and efficient.  It can be used for a wide range of industries and use cases.

Icon of a lightbulb.
Modern development processes

biGENIUS-X equips your team with all necessary tools to deal with complex data challenges to better analyze data.

Future-proof your data
Future-proof your data

With a high-level of automation, you can rest assured to be able to adapt to ever-changing technologies.

New data solutions
Build modern analytical data solutions

Modernization that scales and adapts to your business needs, no matter the size of your organization.

Decentralized approach
Implement decentralized approaches

Smart data automation allows your team to build data products more efficiently while implementing a data mesh.

Save the date: June 1, 2023

Event agenda

Interested in knowing more about what biGENIUS-X has to offer? Join us at the event to hear from industry experts and see biGENIUS-X in action!

  • A keynote from founder and CEO of BARC, Europe's leading analyst firm - Carsten Bange, on the latest trends in data and AI.

  • Hear from our CEO - Gregor Zeiler about our vision of biGENIUS-X and how it can help you adapt to the ever-changing data landscape.

  • See biGENIUS-X in action, with a product demo by our CTO - Thomas Gassmann.

Keynote speakers

biGENIUS AG CEO - Gregor Zeiler.
Gregor Zeiler
BARC founder and CEO - Carsten Bange.
Carsten Bange
Founder & CEO | BARC
June 1, 2023
15:00-17:00 (CET)

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