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Benefit from even better performance with biGENIUS new release: Hercules

Sneak peak of new biGENIUS release: Hercules.

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    Posted on:
    May 4, 2021

    The new biGENIUS release with the internal name “Hercules” is now available. In the context of the higher demands of companies on their data analytics solutions, biGENIUS has been further optimised and even meets the highest performance requirements.

    With the new Major Release 6 of biGENIUS, new momentum is coming into the application. The internal codename for this release is “Hercules”. This already says a little about where the journey is heading with this release. In addition to new generator options for Snowflake, AWS Redshift, StreamSets/Kafka, and many other options, the interaction of the application with the meta-database has been performance-optimised. This leads to a performance improvement for the biGENIUS users in the application, especially in large projects.

    The current data analytics solutions of the biGENIUS users are becoming more and more comprehensive and often use several different generator configurations for different technologies and modelling types in parallel in one meta-database. For example, the Spark generator to implement a data lake on AWS/S3 and the AWS/Redshift generator to model a data warehouse (DWH) in Data Vault based on it. Or they simply implement solutions with several thousand modelled objects, which are then possibly also linked to each other via various biGENIUS projects. All these biGENIUS users will benefit from Hercules (Release 6), as the interaction of the application with the meta-database has been significantly accelerated.

    The next big step follows soon

    For our biGENIUS users we also have another big news to report. Parallel to the further development of the current biGENIUS version, we are working at high speed on the future biGENIUS as a Service version. We provide a small foretaste with a few screenshots, which should show that the work with biGENIUS will be much more visual and clearer in the future:

    Data Modelling
    Data Flow Modelling
    Data Lineage

    More about the new biGENIUS as a Service application in the near future on this blog and our social media channels.

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