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How smart data automation increases efficiency in automotive production

A summary of a new biGENIUS customer story.

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    Posted on:
    April 27, 2021

    Smart data automation tool biGENIUS is used in various industries. A customer in the automotive industry also benefits from it. They were able to increase their efficiency in production and thus ultimately also customer satisfaction.

    The problem

    The advantages of a flexible and automated analysis of large amounts of data are not industry-specific. This is also shown by the customer story of a large car manufacturer. They wanted to implement a self-service BI tool for production and thus create a data basis for their employees that would enable them to access the information relevant to them more easily and quickly. However, connecting the BI tool directly to the operational data sources of the production applications was not an option. Thus, the car manufacturer decided to build a new data warehouse for production as a data source for the tool. The big problem: the costly, time-consuming and error-prone manual programming that this process entails.

    The solution

    This is where biGENIUS came into play. With the smart data automation tool, the entire data warehouse could be generated fully automatically, from the connection of the data sources (operative applications) to the data provision for reporting. This brought advantages not only in the construction of the data warehouse, but also in its operation. Thanks to the procedures generated by the biGENIUS generator, the data preparation processes take place automatically in so-called execution plans and thereby always guarantee that the data is up-to-date and the data quality is in accordance with defined specifications for each data object.

    For the departments, this means that prepared data are automatically available to them and at an update frequency required for their analyses. The loading jobs are scheduled as required; where appropriate and desired, even at intervals of one minute. The automotive manufacturer currently uses these short-cycle data updates in logistics, where open transport orders from a certain area are displayed on large screens on the ceiling.

    The result

    On the basis of this solution, the employees are now able to make faster and more targeted decisions and work more efficiently – and all this without any additional effort on the part of IT. According to the car manufacturer, this is now also reflected in higher customer satisfaction.

    Read the full customer story here.

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