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Gartner Research: Automating Data Warehouse Development

Gartner's report on how tools such as biGENIUS can help you make the most of data warehouse automation for your company.

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    Posted on:
    April 15, 2020

    While data warehouses are necessary to provide organisations with reliable, high performance analytics, implementing and maintaining these systems is associated with a lot of costs and resources. Data warehouse automation creates transparency, reveals deep insights, and can thus provide data and analytics leaders with more productive means of meeting analytics requirements.

    In their current Automating Data Warehouse Development Report, Gartner Research looks into the key challenges that companies implementing data warehouse systems in their business are facing. First of all, the report dives into the basics of how Data Warehouse Automation works, as well as how it helps developers operate at a higher level and be more productive.

    Furthermore, the report shines light on the ways Data Warehouse Automation enables agility and increases speed across the whole organisation. It also builds a business case based on productivity and agility, and evaluates the pros and cons of Data Warehouse Automation for an organisation. Finally, you’ll find the following three case studies, which show how Data Warehouse Automation benefits organisations in practice:

    • Car Manufacturer Consolidates BI Systems
    • Large Health Insurer
    • Vendor Coexistence Approach

    To get to the Gartner Report and see how Data Warehouse Automation tools such as biGENiUS can help you make the most of Data Warehouse Automation for your company, head over to the Gartner Page.

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