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biGENiUS welcomes Gertjan Vlug aboard of business development

Gertjan Vlug, the founder of BIReady, has now joined the team of biGENiUS.

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    Posted on:
    April 10, 2018

    Gertjan Vlug, the founder of BIReady, has now joined the team of biGENiUS. In his new role, he will be responsible for developing business beyond the DACH region. His proven entrepreneurial and long-year executive experience in BI software companies make him a key player in the future success of biGENiUS.


    Gertjan has a long history of driving innovations in business intelligence and analytics dating back to 1980’s. His leadership in the industry includes executive management roles at Cognos (now part of IBM), Business Objects (now part of SAP) and several European consulting agencies. Further, he has founded (and successfully exited) three software selling companies. His last company, BIReady, focussed on solving the challenges in data analytics through automation and was acquired by Attunity.
    But his passion for data warehouse automation remains the same, for which reason he decided to join biGENiUS’ mission on building the best of breed automation software in data analytics:

    Especially today, we are in huge need for automation in analytical data management. Enterprise data needs to be integrated in a governed, qualified and traceable way. The rapid pace of digitalisation challenges us to be faster, more efficient and agile than ever before. Without automation, this is hard to achieve.

    What excited Gertjan Vlug about biGENiUS was the model-driven approach, making the tool extremely flexible when integrating new technologies, architectures and individual requirements. “In my experience, the only way to generate correctly is model-driven”, says Gertjan.

    Both in business development and working closely with customers and strategic partners in new markets, Gertjan Vlug has proven qualities, which are key for the future success of biGENiUS. Over the last six years of development, biGENiUS has become a mature proven product in operation at big number of top companies mainly in the DACH region. “Gertjan possesses an amazing entrepreneurial spirit and huge experience in the area of BI software business. We are really happy to welcome him to our team”, says Gregor Zeiler, product manager for biGENiUS.

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