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biGENiUS is Now Available Also on the US Market

Gertjan Vlug, Head of Business Development for New Markets, announced the first strategic partnership in North America with EON Collective.

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    Posted on:
    November 7, 2018

    Gertjan Vlug, Head of Business Development for New Markets, announced the first strategic partnership in North America with EON Collective

    We decided to make biGENiUS available also for North America a few months ago. Since then, we have spoken with many US-based analysts and started searching for best-in-class potential partners to help customers to realize the highest value by using biGENiUS®. We are very pleased to work with the experts of EON Collective. I personally have had excellent experience with their thought-leaders in the past and am sure that our partnership will be successful again”, said Gertjan Vlug, Head of Business Development New Markets.

    After launching the first integration partner in North America, US-based customers can now also benefit from advanced big data and data warehouse automation provided by biGENiUS. Over the last five years, the tool has matured and proved successful in numerous data analytics projects mainly in Europe.

    Following a metadata-driven approach, biGENiUS helps companies save cost, effort and time in analytical data management – both in the initial implementation and ongoing maintenance of analytical solutions. Designed closely to the needs of development teams, biGENiUS provides automation across the entire lifecycle of practically any type of data projects – data warehouses, data marts, data lakes, operational data stores, event hubs and big data integrations.

    We are very excited about the partnership between EON Collective and biGENiUS. The complementary portfolios, combined expertise and reputation of both companies being on the bleeding edge of innovation in automation and process mining allows both parties to bring value, accelerate delivery and provide a vantage point to organizations data offering quantifiable returns.”, shared Gary Kahl, CEO of EON Collective.

    EON Collective provides process/data mining in an intelligent managed services framework called ADEPT from discovery through governance. The EON ADEPT platform is an interactive means to analyze the correlations between the assessed items and to see the nuances of the information that is being tracked. ADEPT allows teams to produce information that can be validated faster, more accurately and with minimal impact to concurrent operations.

    The EON Collective is a group of industry experts providing change management, vertical analytics, master data management, big data analysis utilizing automation and visualization to enable their clients to reduce not only migration TCO but realize enhanced organizational effectiveness.


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