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Smurfit Kappa case study: a summary

Different BI solutions in the same company can cause many problems. Here’s how to solve them.

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    Posted on:
    June 14, 2021

    Many companies use different data analytics solutions in their operations. This often leads to major challenges and significant additional work. With its solution, biGENIUS has helped Smurfit Kappa to save resources, simplify analyses and automatically generate the data model, all loading processes, and the entire business logic.

    The problem

    Smurfit Kappa has already deployed BI solutions in various departments. However, different systems were used from department to department. This made evaluation difficult, and it was challenging to filter out consistent analyses and make strategic decisions that were specific and did not leave too much room for interpretation.

    Smurfit Kappa decided to convert its system and use a harmonized BI solution for all levels of the organization. The goal was to have one entry point to perform all data analyses and a uniform database that everyone could rely on.

    The solution

    The advantages of biGENIUS and its ease of use convinced Smurfit Kappa´s managers. With biGENIUS, the new data warehouse solution was quickly generated automatically, and all data sources were consolidated centrally.

    To support Smurfit Kappa’s data analytics team in an initial step, the experts from Trivadis took over the setup and development. Now the company is driving the implementation independently but has the option of contacting the biGENIUS team at any time.

    The result

    With biGENIUS, Smurfit Kappa now has a tool that the team could easily familiarize itself with and can now develop and operate the data warehouse (DWH) itself. The combination of biGENIUS and PowerBI is a huge advantage for Smurfit Kappa: all business logic, the loading process and data modeling are automatically generated by biGENIUS.

    Smurfit Kappa’s goal has been achieved. They can now combine data from all their different sources into one report or dashboard, evaluate it consistently and present it. This lays the foundation for a robust and future-proof solution.

    Read the Smurfit Kappa case study here!

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