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International biGENiUS User Day 2019

A recap of the 2nd International biGENiUS User Day in Switzerland.

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    October 3, 2019

    On 12. September 2019, the 2nd International biGENiUS User Day took place in Regensdorf near Zurich, Switzerland.

    Since the very beginning, we have adopted a user-centric approach with biGENiUS. What does this mean? We get together on- and offline, we constantly strive to provide our users with a say on the further development of the product, we listen carefully and implement constantly. Simply put – the user is in the center of everything we do at biGENiUS.

    Naturally, we have made the biGENiUS User Day a regular community event where we learn, we generate ideas, we network and we simply laugh together. We spent an exciting day under the motto “biGENiUS Together” with team-mates, customers, and partners from all over Europe with one thing in common – making the most of data with the power of Data Analytics Automation.

    The day at a glance

    We kicked off the day with a welcome reception (showing up on time is always worth it). Afterwards, the first presentations started with an overview of the newest features and generators of biGENIUS, as well as the migration framework, presented by the biGENiUS product team. Another topic the team took a deep dive in was industrializing Data Analytics with DataOps.


    Later on, we went into an interactive session, during which the everyone generated ideas and built prototypes for the future development of biGENiUS using concepts of the Design Thinking Method. This part made us all get into action, and we are overwhelmed by how engaged every single participant in the interactive session was. We could not do any of this without your constant input, feedback and support.



    Finally, we ended the day with a prize ceremony for the most distinctive biGENiUS users of the past year – teammates, customers, and partners alike. We want to herewith thank EVERYONE for being part of this great community and for building one of the best automation softwares for analytical data management together with us.


    In 2018, we launched the biGENiUS User Platform – the home of the biGENiUS Community and the place for you to constantly share your feedback and ideas on the development of the product.

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